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How We Achieve No Plastic Packaging

How We Achieve No Plastic Packaging

Posted on March 21 2023, By: Margifox Distributors

How We Achieve No Plastic Packaging

With trends following a steep uprise for clean beauty and sustainable skincare solutions, we all want to do our part to help care for our environment.

When you think about ways to be more sustainable, several things may come to mind:

  • Recycling
  • Being a conscious consumer
  • Reusing or re-purposing items
  • Paying attention to your product labels
  • Going plastic-free

Opting for sustainable skincare and clean beauty is a great place to start when finding ways to live more consciously. Did you know that only 18% of Australian plastics are recycled (Source: ABC)? Sustainable brands are now moving to use non-plastic packaging options such as glass, aluminium, cardboard and paper. Single-use plastic packaging accounts for almost 10,000 tonnes of cosmetic packaging ending up in landfill (Source: ABC).


The Journey to Sustainability. 


Here at Advanced Nutrition Programme, we are dedicated to the environment and are on a continuous journey to a clean label, choosing sustainability wherever possible. In 2017, the Advanced Nutrition Programme completely re-branded to introduce 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable paper-based packaging.

As a conscious consumer, when you purchase a product from our range of skin supplements, you can feel confident knowing that the product purchased comes in recycled card packaging printed using eco-friendly vegetable inks.



To help us close the gap of single-use packaging, here are three simple steps for recycling your Advanced Nutrition Programme supplement pot. 

 Step 1, using a tin opener, detach the tin base from the main pot. Tear the aluminium seal from the inside of the pot.
 Step 2, flatten and recycle at home with your paper and card.
 Step 3, the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council), the certified paper shell can be recycled with your paper and card at home.



 While reusing and recycling are two essential solutions for helping impact sustainability, the packaging is often thrown away, ending up in landfills, dumps, or waterways. In Australia, over the last three and a half decades, at least 77 species of marine wildlife found in Australian waters have been affected by entanglement in, or ingestion of, plastic debris (source). If the use of plastic continues to increase, by 2050, the volume of plastic in our oceans will be greater than the volume of fish.

What next?

“If we open our eyes to what’s going on  around us, you cannot help but notice the massive impact we’re having on the environment around us,”

- David Alpert, Founder of the Advanced Nutrition Programme.

At Advanced Nutrition Programme, the conversation constantly evolves, and there is always more that can be done – the sustainability journey never ends. We are continuously making eco-improvements and striving for more sustainable sourcing methods. The pods housing our Skin Ultimate now contain 85% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic content) and are in discussions for even more sustainable sources. As the need for a change towards sustainability becomes ever more crucial and the consequences ever more pronounced, we can all play an essential role in driving change.