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Gut Health Supplements for a Gut-friendly Festive Season

Gut Health Supplements for a Gut-friendly Festive Season

Posted on December 14 2023, By: Margifox Distributors

Gut Health Supplements for a Gut-friendly Festive Season

The joyful season has arrived, bringing anticipation for laughter, holidays, family moments, and the joy of gift-sharing. However, it may also bring stress, late nights, and excessive indulgence, potentially affecting the balance of our gut-skin axis and resulting in tired and dull skin. Let's begin by discussing bacteria that are friendly to the skin. 

Skin-friendly Bacteria: Gut Health Supplement

Ongoing research indicates a strong correlation between our general gut health and skin health, often called the 'gut-skin axis.' This term highlights the connection between our gut and skin, as both elements respond to influences from both internal and external environments. 

Gut-friendly Festive Season - Skin Clear Biome - Advanced Nutrition Programme

Skin Clear Biome™ is a pioneering supplement harnessing the benefits of microbiome technology. It is formulated to work from the inside out, feeding the gut with bacteria to clarify and brighten skin. It blends four specific bacteria and yeast strains, selected for their researched impact on the underlying causes of skin issues, along with skin-friendly zinc for improved balance and clearer complexion. If you want extra support for your skin and gut during your festivities, we recommend taking two Skin Clear Biome™ capsules daily with a meal.

Gut-friendly Festive Season - Advanced Nutrition Programme Australia

Enjoy a Gut-friendly Season

Our skin experts have curated five critical tips for maintaining a gut-friendly festive season.

  1. Opt for Nutrient-Rich Alternatives: A diet rich in sugar and fast-food fuels the growth of bacteria in our microbiome, leading to possible skin issues, redness, and other skin concerns. Elevate your plate this season with vibrant goodness by substituting some festive go-to treats. Try sweet potatoes instead of plain white, switch to the richness of dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and reach for the wholesome goodness of unsalted nuts instead of chips.
  2. Hydration Harmony: Foster a healthier gut (and clearer head) by introducing a glass of refreshing water between alcoholic beverages. Your gut will thank you for this mindful approach the next day!
  3. Embrace Daily Serenity: Dedicate 10 minutes daily to cultivate tranquillity. Whether through meditation or focused breathing exercises, these moments of calm can significantly contribute to your overall well-being. 
  4. Stroll in Festive Delight: Immerse yourself in the season's joy with a festive walk (or stroll if you have a stomach full of stuffing). Beyond its immediate benefits, studies indicate that maintaining a regular exercise routine can improve the diversity of our gut microbiome[1]. So, staying active during the holidays is a fantastic way to support your skin.
  5. Prioritise Beauty Sleep: Gift your body the pleasures of beauty sleep by ensuring a restful 7-8 hours each night. Did you know a well-rested body promotes a happy and diverse gut microbiome, enhancing overall gut health?

Adopting a thoughtful approach to alcohol consumption, scattered among water hydration, and embracing health-promoting self-care practices like regular exercise, meditation, and quality sleep guarantees an enjoyable festive season. Additionally, incorporating gut health supplements like our Skin Clear Biomes into your daily routine (after a meal) adds extra support for maintaining skin and gut health during this festive season! 



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