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Skin Omegas+ canister with soft gel capsules

Nourish Dry Skin with Skin Omegas+

Posted on September 21 2020, By: Shopify API

Skin Omegas+ canister with soft gel capsules
What makes Skin Omegas+ so special, by Advanced Nutrition Programme

Skin Omegas+ help to nourish dry skin. Formulated with vitamin A, a key ingredient for skin health, as well as omegas 3 and 6 which are important for skin integrity, a healthy lipid layer and a smooth, luminous complexion. 

Skin Omegas+ is made with premium, clinically researched omega 3 from EPAX, a world leading supplier known for its purity, quality and innovation. They hold a Friend of the Sea certificate, so you can be sure the omega 3 is sourced using methods that conserve marine habitats and resources.

As part of our clean label commitment, our suppliers are essential, and we are proud to work with leading partners worldwide who follow eco-sensitive practices. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish sources are revered for their benefits to our skin, body and overall wellbeing but manufacturing methods vary enormously across the industry. The experts at Advanced Nutrition Programme™ share our sustainable and transparent sourcing story for our omega-3 fish oils which showcases our dedication to quality and purity.


We source our omega-3 fish oils from a specific supplier Epax® who were pioneering in the industry - they were the first ingredient company to be awarded Friend Of the Sea (FOS) certification for “documented, traceable and sustainable operations”. As well as sharing our environmental ethos, Epax® is dedicated to superior standards in terms of purity of ingredients.  All oils are certified by the Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) standards which means not only compliance but also exceed strict targets set by governments in terms of levels of heavy metals, contaminants and fishing practices.

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Fish is caught off the coast of Peru using FOS standards which means over-fishing is never allowed and the methods used must be sustainable. Only certified boats can be used and must be declared- therefore we have access to full traceability – in fact we even know the names of the boats that our fish are landed on. Fishing nets used are FOS approved and they never reach the sea floor so cause no damage to the ocean beds. Accidental catches must not include species listed in the red list of endangered species as “vulnerable” or “higher risk”.


Once the fish have landed, they are immediately processed before being shipped to Norway for further processing, testing and purifying to make fish oil for used for our softgels  - this ensures we use the freshest oil in our supplements. During the purifying step, Epax® avoid harsh chemicals instead favouring a light steam process and charcoal filter. This leaves a pure oil with minimal contaminants and natural TG (triglyceride) forms of EPA and DHA.


It is important to advise that some fish oils may be highly processed using hexane and our Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Paul Naude shares his knowledge of the difference “signs of ‘chemically cleaning’ of fish oil is usually apparent due to very strong fish smell and presence of the ethyl-ester (EE)  forms on the ingredient list.”

In contrast, our Skin Omegas+ have a very mild odour and retain a beautiful golden hue. The oil is encased in a premium fish gelatine softgel to offer further protection and includes a natural Vitamin E antioxidant as a preservative - not a synthetic one. As part of our commitment to ingredient synergy, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ have combined omega-3 with omega-6 from evening primrose oil and vitamin A which supports skin health*.

Skin Omegas+ is suitable for all skin types and available in two sizes – Skin Omegas+60 provides a 30 day supply and Skin Omegas 180+ offers a 90 day supply. Additionally, Skin Omegas+ are featured in the following supplement box – Skin Ultimate.