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Close up of a woman's healthy complexion

Reset your skin for spring!

Posted on September 09 2021, By: Tenille Rutherford

Close up of a woman's healthy complexion

It’s normal for skin to become a little lacklustre during the cooler months, with congestion and dullness forming over time, texture often developing a slight roughness, and skin appearing more dry and/or dehydrated than normal. However, this year’s winter period has been particularly difficult, both for our skin and our mental health.

We tend to spend winter exposed to more heating and air conditioning than other parts of the year, and less time outdoors exercising and receiving our essential vitamin D doses from the sun. However, with most of us having experienced ongoing restrictions and extended lockdown periods over the past several months, this has increased tenfold. And then there are our stress levels.

When we encounter stress, a complex chain of events occurs including the release of several hormones, which affect our brain activity, our cell production, our sleep patterns, and our digestive system, just to name a few. Stress can also deplete our essential vitamins and minerals, so even if you are eating well, you may not necessarily be reaping the optimal nutritional benefits from your food. As our skin can reflect what is happening internally, all of these aspects can lead to a decline in skin health, including poor texture, dullness, redness and sensitivity, breakouts, or even increased pigmentation. Advanced Nutrition Programme’s range of skincare supplements can be an excellent way to support our health needs during these difficult times and offer an extra helping hand to our topical skincare routines.

Skin Vit A+ & Skin Antioxidant

Fighting Free Radicals

Oxidative stress, meaning too many free radicals circulating the body can cause damage to our cells, including our skin, its lipids, and its collagen proteins, which in turn can mean faster ageing. The only way to address this is by introducing antioxidants to the body, which aid in neutralising free radicals. Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Antioxidant does exactly this, using seven super plant nutrients to shut down destructive free radicals and help to reduce inflammation.

Vitamin A for Skin Rejuvenation

Another powerful skin rejuvenator is vitamin A, which you’ll find as the hero ingredient in our Skin Vit A+. Skincare lovers will already be aware of this, however, the vitamin A in topical skincare and the vitamin A in foods is very different. We require sufficient levels of vitamin A in our diets to maintain good muscle, bone and heart health, as well as immune function, among other things. A deficiency in vitamin A can demonstrate as dry, itchy, scaly skin - which simply goes to show the effects it can have on our skin’s health. A secondary benefit of taking Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Vit A+ is that it also contains vitamin D - ideal for those spending more time indoors and who aren’t receiving their recommended daily sun exposure.

As we transition our routines from winter into the warmer months now is the time to hit the reset button on our skin health and general wellbeing - As we start to ease back into healthier habits (and hopefully soon, out of lockdowns!), so too can we start feeding our skin the nutrients it needs to function more efficiently and start glowing again as a result - our evidence-based skin health supplements can help boost your skin’s health back to its former glowing glory this spring!

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Words by Mala McAlpin.